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44m 6 feet high Northeast is a report on my swing beyond truth when Iwas, 19 33 years old, married woman is a different story jump to the station to my first couple lived alone, was 33 years and see still warm my friend suduced married, but not as often as personal reads a newspaper, I said a couple of weeks to add fortys mid- exchange e- mails, they agreed to come to me zooskool for a Friday the night after the last phone call to verify minutes and zooskool do it well, a little too late, I was a little nervous when I opened the door, average build short bald followed by his wife, the hair permanent, black vest, white blouse see Roca, something I could not see her bra sat a little wine oppisite me when talking about how spices I wanted to have sex life brought wanted to drink, how much she likes sex, try roasting spit, when the wine is finished he said he had appeared to the bathroom and her husband can be removed to get at both got naked, sat in different chairs, heblack dresses, stockings suspenders Basque poking her nipples on the top of the Basque Country, which had a vague match tits curvy figure approached me knelt beyween my legs began to suck the cock licking (7 ' uncut), knelt behind it began to finger fuck makes him gasp and moan as I said sucked I could hear how wet I was always at his mouth became aspirated and down my cock from her husband moved to the middle of the floor with her ​​to four legs, put my cock in her mouth began to take the position ( his penis was less than about 5 1 / 2 '), I began to fuck her mouth gently, and fixed his hips instead, she was panting and moaning in heat ' is Babe arrives, 'he said,' yesummm ' she gasped, the best we could even my dick in and out of his mouth, , suddenly accelerates, and I realized I was close, then came my cock was deeply sank deep into his mouth as he pumped into her n , as both reduce wI was entertained and got separated and asked us both if, as d fuck, I slipped on a condom and entered her from behind as she knelt on the seat and grabbed her hips walk rapidly and radically, he complained, gasping groan little can leave your ' wanted to come,' he said, 'I like it' was his back arched moan louder and faster to make a noise that a woman just before the next one, I was close to me, he pushed harder and faster than I felt was, the muscles of your grip my cock as she shook her left clam pumped his quick burst my balls, my cock friction in sending the signal has found an impending climax deep in my brain match each sprint with a thrust to the two short of breath quickly complained to her that the carpet is burned in the morning a stiff knee, but all enjoy, we agreed d parted with a promise to do it again, but never did, that moves me catheterization 36 5 foot 6 blonde married many corners, but fat is not found myself in the chat room afterA zooskool few weeks ago she flirts told me that he loved flying and swallowing, and that her husband was fine with him, we agreed that she would visit on their own a saterday night if we stay and my husband would have collected in the future . He returned a little late blouse short black skirt and boots received me in his very nervous, but a drink made of zooskool wine and some genral chit aligned to calm his chapter and after an hour we called to say her husband, who lived still nervous sitting on the couch in my arm around her, when I began gently to reveal her black lace blouse bra and nice pair zooskool of big breasts when zooskool I read unbutton the top button zooskool of her blouse was pulled clipless skirt made ​​from intensification of standing in black lace stockings boots bra went to the pulling down on the rug before the fire to kiss her lips and neck, breathing heavy with his eyes closed, her breasts as I kneed exemption pinch me to suck her nippleshis body slid his legs began to escape from the work of my tongue opened her lips to his flashing on her clitoris gasped complained: ' I ​​still ask if ok' 'OK, said please do not stop ' I still tightly around her clit her body shook a little scream as she pulls gaspped head hard on me exciting climax as her pussy grip, fired me up and saw tears streaming down her cheeks, 'do not worry 'he said, ' I mourn every time I come I do not know why I just do, ' we sat on the couch a little less nervous, and she quickly bent over me without my jeans, slide down before putting his head on my lap as the tip of her tongue movie felt my cock head and slowly back the foreskin before swallowing my dick lips then plunged into the depths of my cock before falling back all zooskool time his tongue on my penis was hard to breathe for me now, as both began to jerk and suck at the same time to get faster and fasterme closer to orgasm, I began to cramp my body is ready, the burden zooskool this subject sences my cock began in hand down the tongue and mouth open, it felt so good I could not hold when shoot first jet hit straw toung swallowed my cock began to suck everyone to play zooskool fast as hips thrust in his mouth does not spill a drop from his lips ' ummm it was very good,' he said, '' Let's go to bed, ' I said' umm yes you can, 'but that's another story
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